“In my world”

The Book

The science fiction book “In My World” is a staggering story of a young man who has accidentally  crossed a portal to the  fourth dimension and found himself on a mind blowing journey of self-discovery.

The main character meets a mysterious person who shows him a whole new world and the extraordinary way they live. This is the only story where you will be shown a connection between a life of magic and the reality you live in. 

Writing this book has been truly life changing as I continue to have put myself through various challenges in order to experience the “magic” of living life as my main character.

The story will literally pull you in the vastness of imagination and will stretch your mind to such extents that you have never been to.

I can not promise that you will be the same person after having read this book. You will definitely be able to see your world from a new perspective and perhaps discover your hidden genius.