In just 21 days you will learn the tools to become your powerful self and begin to live a happy life based on your dreams.

  • Are you feeling disconnected from your heart’s desires?

  • Are you living a busy life and have no time to pursue your dreams?

  • Are you dreaming of a happy life but don’t know what steps to take?

  • Are you willing to make positive changes in your life but lacking motivation?

  • Are you ready to receive support to get closer to your dreams?

Congratulations! The opportunity to take the first step is now within your reach!

In this course you will:

  • Learn about your thinking patterns and shift your focus into the desired direction

  • Discover your top emotional values which will form the fundamental structure for your dream life

  • Heal your body’s energetic blocks that will help you to move forward towards your dreams

  • Learn the art of creative visualization and begin to use your intuition for better decision making

  • Explore the magic of gratitude and use it in your daily routine to cultivate more happiness

  • Get clarity on your deepest dreams and create a detailed plan of action towards attaining them

Key Features Of This Course Available to You Are:

  • 8 Downloadable Chapters with Valuable Content to Guide You

  • 8 Downloadable and Fillable Workbooks for your use

  • 2 Downloadable Audios with Guided Meditations

  • 1 Downloadable and Fillable Gratitude Journal for your daily use

  • 1 Downloadable and Fillable Reflection Journal to keep you on tract with your dreams

And that’s not it! You will receive the following BONUSES:

  • A free Q&A email session with Daniel at the end of the course

  • Daniel’s Recommended Resources for Sound and Vision Therapy

  • Uplifting music to keep you calm and motivated

Feeling Inspired? Here’s a Quick Overview of the Live Your Dreams in 21 Days Online Course:

Chapter 1: Identifying Your Thoughts

In this Chapter you will be introduced to a simple but detailed technique to

identify your thinking patterns that rules your  every day decision making, beliefs and habits.

I will show you step by step how to change the way you perceive yourself and everything surrounding you
so you can begin to believe in yourself more to get closer to your dreams.

Chapter 2: Identifying Your Feelings

In this chapter you will identify your emotional habits.
You will discover what makes you feel bad and how to replace the feeling with a more positive one.

You will also discover your emotional values which are the basis of your personality

that needs to be nurtured for your personal growth in order to move closer to your dreams.

Chapter 3: Balance Your Chakras

In this chapter, you will unblock the energy points that are located within your body called chakras
which may be holding you back from moving towards you dream.

You will also get the tools to balance and receive healing for your chakras on a regular basis.

Chapter 4: Magic of Gratitude

In this chapter, you will learn the magic of gratitude and how it can accelerate your life.
I will share with you the tool to increase your daily happiness and overall vitality.

You will experience your every day life unfolding in a smooth way bringing you closer to your dreams.

Chapter 5: Law of Giving

In this chapter you will explore the cycle of giving unconditionally
and how you can use this universal law to leverage your dreams.

You will open your mind to new horizons and begin to see new you.
You will experience courage and inspiration towards your life and your dreams.

Chapter 6: The Six Senses Therapy

In this chapter, you will activate your sixth sense and learn to practice your intuition
which will help you to live your life more informed and aware.

You will receive the clarity to make your decisions through your intuition
that will bring you closer to living your desired life.

Chapter 7: Innocence Therapy

In this chapter, you will learn the tools to break free from your busy lifestyle
and get into a stress free child like state without judgement.

I will share tools that will assist you in keeping you focused on your dreams
while being open to more inspiration, so that you do not self-sabotage your dreams.

Chapter 8: Dreaming In Action

The final chapter is all about making it all happen where you will receive clarity on your deepest dreams.

You will create a plan of action step by step towards your desired life
and see it coming closer until it becomes yours.

So Are You Ready to Live Your Dream In 21 Days? 

Your total investment to get closer to your dreams is just:
$ 297.00

But it is available to you for a limited time only for:
$ 97.00

Here’s a little bit about Daniel:

Daniel Pietrzak is a researcher, truth seeker, inspirational artist, book author and big dreamer.

He has studied many aspects of self-development and spiritual science in the past 10 years.

His main reason to explore these subjects was and still is to gain clarity and deeper
understanding of life as a concept as well as what it really means to be human being.

Daniel had a tough childhood and upbringing which caused
him to search for “the real” reasons of all the things that happen in our lives that make it
complicated for some and easy for some.

Daniel considers curiosity as the key to resolving many riddles of our existence
and being a dreamer is the real reason of our life.

Daniel understands that the appropriate usages of the divine tools  that
we carry within us are the indicators to help us get on to the right track.

Daniel has spent the past 5 years researching the being-ness of our life as well as practicing mindfulness.

This process has taken him far beyond his expectations and he found an outlet of his
expression through his company The Awakening Art, which is a new form of high vibrational art
helping people to open up to their emotions and dreams through colours and feelings.

Daniel believes that we are all born with dreams and pure happiness is our birth right.
However this concept has been lost in our busy lifestyle.

Daniel designed this course based on the specific steps that he had taken several times in the past to achieve his dreams.

Your Time Is Now!

Become an Achiever of Your Dreams!


Your investment for this online course is:
$ 297.00

But it is available to you for a limited time only for:

$ 97.00


I look forward to welcome you..

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