Chapter 1 “The Power of Words”

Chapter 2 “Creative Visualization”

Chapter 3 “The Gratitude”

Chapter 4 “Law of Attraction”

Chapter 5 “Affirmations”

Daydreaming Journal

Are you ready for a 30 days challenge?

You have these amazing goals, dreams, wishes and desires.

Yet year in and year out you find yourself not achieving them and unable to manifest what you REALLY want.

The good news is there is an easy way to tune to your infinite potential.

So if you’re not getting what you really want…

… or if you’ve simply been stuck not knowing where to start,

I’m going to show you how to get on the fast track to manifesting your desires…


That’s right! Once you have my secret combination of all the rituals successful people do everyday you’ll  start manifesting by spending just 15 minutes.

Why is this journal different?

The magic begins as soon as you become aware of the power of words and write those words in your journal with an intention.

Once you have described what you want to manifest you will use a very powerful tool called creative visualization which will enhance the energy towards your dream.

You will begin to experience feeling great and more open to your desires by practicing gratitude everyday.

You will begin to use the law of attraction technique in order to manifest your dream.

And finally you will write down the positive affirmation of the day which will assure you to make all you want happen.

Yes, all of this is included in this one and only Daydreaming Journal!

All the powerful mind tools are now in one book!

There is a surprise bonus for you!

This journal comes with a guidebook so you get to fully understand all the rituals that you will perform everyday in approximately  15 minutes.

This is a very effective way of reaching out to what you really want in your life and achieving your goals effortlessly.

Most importantly, you will start your day in alignment with your  amazing goals, dreams, wishes and desires.


Joanne Harris 

The 30 days daydreaming journal was amazing! I bought it with the intention to find a better paying job so that I can start saving some money to travel which has been my dream for a while. The 30 days kept me focused on my dream and made me excited when I was applying for new jobs. Within 3 weeks, I had 3 interview calls and now I have found a job that not only pays me well but is closer to my home to commute with flexible working hours. I could not have asked for more! Travelling looks soon on the cards too. I highly recommend the Daydreaming Journal.

Katherine Linda

I always wanted a man who would have similar dreams as mine so that I can finally settle and start a family. When I started the Daydreaming journal, it was hard to imagine but practicing it continuously made me feel relaxed that the right person for me is just around. 2 weeks in to the journaling I met this man who is very loving and kind. I will be continuing my daydream journal beyond 30 days to be in the flow of attracting the right man.

Dorothy Smith 

I have been working hard on setting up my online business for a while and finding clients. The Daydreaming journal allowed me to gain clarity on my dreams and made me think of variety of ways to find clients. I took consistent action and now I am happy to see that my business has took off. My favourite part is the creative visualization. The very act of imagining my successful business every single day fills me up with enthusiasm and energy to carry on working. Way to go Daydreaming Journal.

This is probably the smallest investment you can make today in order to improve your lifestyle and actually achieve your goals.

Let’s take some inspired action now and do it right this time!



Daydreaming Journal

A Fillable PDF designed for 30 days