What Do We Take With Us Once We Are Gone?

We all know how babies are born, they come totally naked and without any possessions. We live our lives based on certain principles which are mostly designed to run the economy of the planet. That’s when monetary system is introduced to us and we have been taught that the more we work for the economy the more money we earn and that’s when you can have the life you dream of.

Here’s something not very clear about that.

We learn general stuff about the economy, we learn about political powers and the law that we have to obey, we learn about employment or business which will bring us money and we even learn how to spend the earnings, we even learn about religion and why we should follow it.

Do we learn about our dreams and desires?

Do we learn the values of being a human?

Do we learn about our emotions and what role they play in our existence?

Let me ask you one question my friend:

What is human being?

Stop reading for a moment and think about it. What are you?

It is a very big question and it’s not easy to answer it within few lines but let me bring you a little bit of clarity in few words.

Human being is a very powerful source of energy (non-physical) in a physical body. It is the most powerful specie on this planet which has enormously developed mind, emotional system and it can create their own reality by the power of focus, visualization, intention, imagination, plan of action and execution of the plan.

There are thousands of all kinds of emotions accompanying us throughout our life time. Although the human race seems to be the least happy, the most violent, the most lost in their lives.

Again the question is why?

Before I answer this question let me ask you; what do you want from your life?

Most people will say:

I want to be happy,

I want to be healthy,

I want be independent,

I want to be loved,

I want to be respected,

So what are those things?

Those are all feelings, you want to feel all that stuff and that is also what makes you a human being (feeling).

So why do we feel so miserable, sad, sick, angry, depressed?

First of all we are not taught in the school about our emotions and how to use them for our own benefit, we are not taught how to pursue or dreams and desires, we are not taught anything about being happy, healthy, independent, loved and respected.

My friend if you are reading this blog, that means you are searching for something and that’s exactly what I wish to see.

Now, What Do We Take With Us Once We Are Gone??

Not the car, not the house and not the money.

You will take your experiences, your memories, your feelings, the love you have shared, the anger you have passed on to others, the dreams you have accomplished and all your fulfilled desires.

Every single feeling you have received from others and every single feeling you have shared with others and every single great thing you did for yourself and for others will go with you.

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