What is Passion?

Passion is a pure devotion towards person, goal or cause; it enhances life with joy, fulfillment, meaning and enthusiasm. It is directly connected to happiness.

It is a desire in your heart, butterflies in your belly, twinkle in your eye and it is your wonderful obsession. It is the unquestionable virtue that is far more than money, power, fame or any type of possession.

Passion is the reason you get up in the morning, walk in the rain, run through mountains, devote your free time and sacrifice all the less important things.

Passion keeps you committed to success, motivates you during hard times, and reflects your confidence, makes you laugh and it keeps you in good mood. 

Passion creates best solutions for problems, spreads good vibes across the planet; it inspires associates, resolves issues and impresses other people.

Passion is the key ingredient which allows you to go to the furthest places where others won’t dare to go, it makes you try things others won’t dare to try and it makes you the magnificent person others won’t even dare to become.

My friend passion is the way to all your dreams, it’s the burning flame of your soul and it’s the indicator that you are fulfilling your soul’s desires.

Are you ready to begin living your life based on your passion?

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