What Is The Gift For Humanity?

Every single thing that exists today on our planet was once imagined. I can list things like electronics, houses, toys etc.. Pretty much everything that human has ever created. But there are all sorts of different things which also exist and are not physical such as professions, deeds, traveling, playing etc. All of those things were also once imagined.

Yes, the greatest gift is our imagination!

From finding life purpose, meeting a soulmate or living in a beautiful house surrounded by wonderful nature it all comes down to how one uses this gift of imagination.

Self-aware people never place into their imagination anything they don’t want to experience instead they focus only on what they intend to manifest in their lives. They understand the power of thought and mental image.

What can you do in order to use your imagination the way you can benefit from it?

First you should eliminate the sources of those things you do not wish to experience. I know it may sound crazy especially when you are aware that we are literally surrounded by many negative things and you just can’t build shelter in a jungle and stay there till end of your days.

However you can easily get rid of sources such as media stream news, news in the radio or newspapers. Trust me; you don’t have to be informed about every single drama going on in politics or criminal world.

You can easily sort out your circle of people who are not well-wishers or simply annoy you.

You can cut yourself off gossip makers and also those who complain a lot.

Now you may ask; hmm ok so what’s left for me if I turn off my TV, radio, won’t read my daily newspapers and stop meeting some of my mates?

First of all you will realize how much spare time you have to do whatever you have been aspiring to do. This is the time you may want to think about yourself and create some fascinating plan of action towards your goals.

Second, you will realize that it actually feels much better not being involved in any of the daily adversity of minority of this planet.

And third is the most exciting point! You can simply replace all those negative sources with the positive ones. You watch TV only based on your choice so you choose movies, documentaries or any other programs according to what is of your interest. There are many topics you could really benefit from or even get inspired as long as you choose it consciously.

You can start to hang out with people, who are naturally positive and happy, believe me there are plenty of them on this planet. There are many communities you could join and meet like-minded people.

All you have to do is research that but since you have gained lots of spare time just by cutting off NEWS then this shouldn’t be an issue.

Just imagine yourself living the life you want and practice it for a while and you will receive all the answers on how to get there.

Imagine yourself at your best!

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