Wholeness in everyday life equals Mindfulness in everyday life.

The concept of wholeness or oneness among human beings is as basic as the nature surrounding us. Many of us find the existence of nature so common that we don’t even question it too much.

It just is.

Wholeness is based on a very similar principle as the nature. We are all meant to exist in harmony and support for each other as one collective body on this planet.

Millions of blades of grass grow upwards together in harmony never crushing each other, branches of a tree spread in all desired directions in perfect flow never disturbing other branches to develop themselves. We humans can reach our highest potential also by thriving together as one.

I personally use this wonderful concept of oneness by practicing understanding of my fellow human behaviours. We are one but not the same. Each one of us is wandering on a different path in order to experience different reality.

This simple understanding creates great clarity and appreciation towards other people for choosing to experience life in completely different way. It all goes back to one and the same source which I like to call infinite intelligence.

My personal challenge in reclaiming my wholeness was the lack of understanding why some people don’t honor life the way I thought they should. It took me years to understand that the problem was never laying in them but me. I used to choose to see others through my own judgement rather than freedom of expression.

Practicing gratitude on a daily basis began to create clarity in my mind which was followed by deeper understanding of what is and what I prefer to choose for my own well-being. We are here for our own growth and that should be our primary focus.

We cannot help others by forcing them to change according to our own vision of the world. However we can help them simply by being a great example of a happy fulfilled person and they will tune in whenever they are ready. There is divine time for all of us to shed the layers of ego and begin to awaken to our higher selves.

There are several creative ways which I choose to express myself holistically. I love to make very colorful and meaningful art which represents different states of my mind. I see art as a form of communication with my fellow humans therefor I always choose to showcase the best of my emotions.

I also practice gratitude and creative visualization in order to have a clear idea on my life purpose and what I truly desire in this lifetime. In other words it is all about keeping myself happy by being and doing not in possessing.

The urge of being of service to others hadn’t ceased so after combining certain holistic practices and therapies I have designed a wonderful online daydreaming journal which has helped many people to actually reach their desires.

You can get a copy for yourself as well and join the daydreamers in action.

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The best dreams happen when we are awake!

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