What is the EGO?

Let me begin from the official definition of ego.

Your ego is your conscious mind, the part of your identity that you consider your “self.” If you say someone has “a big ego,” then you are saying he is too full of himself.

This is a very poor definition as ego is much more than this, it is a built in mechanism without which you wouldn’t be able to experience duality on this planet at this stage of our evolution. Ego is responsible for all the negative emotions which we feel and it is NOT the real you.

The real you is the one that understands all the aspects of life and has a full control over it. Ego is the biggest challenge to overcome on your journey towards spiritual ascension, towards clarity and towards knowing yourself.

Ego simply creates a powerful blocks in your mind and prevents you from seeing the full picture of yourself. Therefore for many people it is easier to stay in comfort of their ego and see only one side of life rather than take on the challenge and practice the opposite side of it.

If you really want to experience a balanced life and take control over your ego, here are some tips for you:

1 Get to know your ego as a living thing within you.

When you feel superior over other people, ask yourself “Why are you feeling this way”? Try to see beyond the emotions driven by your ego. The more you question yourself the more aware you become of the presence of ego and how it’s manipulating you. This will allow you to gain certain clarity about your real self and will give you a choice between feeling superior above others and feeling united with others. A huge difference, isn’t it? Once you start practicing the opposites of ego, you will begin gaining clarity of who you are and your ego will have much less influence over you.

2 Clearly identify what role your ego plays in your life.

In many situations ego will push in its opinion before you may even think of how to react towards some circumstances, therefore it’s good to take even extra few seconds to think before reacting. Say to yourself “there you go again, telling me what to do” Once you are aware of the voice of your ego, in most cases you will make your decision based on your higher self. Ego is the entity which wants to be listened and trust me it doesn’t wish you well at all.

Ego wants to be always right and will often put you in trouble for nothing. There is no need to be upset with it as that’s not the point, the whole challenge is for you to control your life and being upset will not help you at all.

Focus on what you want (your higher self) rather than on what you don’t want (your ego) this way you will create the energy required to experience the good things in life and your ego will not play a dominant role in your life anymore.

3 Observe yourself  from perspective of the witness.

Think of those things that offend you and see how you react to them, then detach yourself from those things and see how you feel. You may realize that whatever offends you is simply your own judgement (ego) of yourself as well as your judgement (ego) towards other people how they should be behaving. Your ego will do its best to tell you that you should be feeling offended or hurt.

I really wish you to experience your higher self in action more often as this is the REAL you, this is when you will realize that the whole ego entity that used to tell you how to feel and act is just an illusion of a small part of yourself.

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