Why Choose an Existing Artist and how to build a relationship?

An artist is a talented person who provides service to the consumers. Making any kind of craft requires number of skills, knowledge of the topic, unique vision and the passion to serving others. It is the artist’s personal journey through life that you can witness once the artwork is finished.

When you look closely you may be able to read the emotions that were running through the artist’s mind while creating the work. Every painter or graphic designer has a story to tell, and through images and colors is how they communicate with the world.

So when you feel attracted to certain symbols, colors or images visible in the artwork that means you have aligned with the energy of the artist and their creation on a sub-conscious level. This is a good sign!

When you experience a positive feeling like this, ask yourself some deeper questions like –

What is it that I am drawn to?
What emotions am I feeling right now?
Do I want to feel more of it?

Your intuition is your best friend right now, trust yourself.

Many famous names of artists became famous after they died. Some of them lived in poverty and the world never heard of them while they were alive. I think it is a bit sad as whether you are an artist or any other professional we all deserve to consume the fruit of our hard work.

Therefore it is important to support existing living artists and let them live their lives according to their purpose so they can produce more of amazing work and inspire more people during their life time. Once dead, I don’t think those artists experience the joy of selling their artwork for millions!!

“Building a relationship with an artist”

Many artists especially in current times would love to be connected with their fans. Singers often have fan clubs where they can offer special deals for their upcoming events or inform their followers about new releases.

Artists who paint on canvas or create visual exhibitions are also open to meet their fans and spend time talking about their visions or deeper meanings of their creations.

Several years ago, the most common way to meet your favourite artist used to be simply to attend his or her exhibition and to make sure to make your way through the crowd of other people willing to have a chat with the artist.

Today since we live in internet era the contact is much simpler as you may simply visit their website and get in touch through opt-in or contact form.

Artists love when people ask questions about their work and are always willing to answer them. It makes them feel recognized for their hard work (just like in any other profession).

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