Art Prints vs Original Art

Art Prints are multiples of the same pieces, created through a printmaking technique and it is usually flat and has a dot matrix pattern, the same pattern you find in magazines or book images.

An Original Painting has textured brush strokes. Watercolour or gouache original paintings will typically be in a rough paper or canvas with a distinctive grain.

Some people consider a long- term value in original art painting as it is very unique and only piece that is available. The price is much higher and there are a lot of art collectors ready to pay enormous money for something that they are attracted to.

Those people buy art as an investment. However, there are many reasons to consider art prints, especially as most of us are on a budget and you could have five or ten art prints for the price of one original painting. When you buy art for your pleasure or decorative purpose and don’t think of an art as an asset then prints are more likely to be the right choice for you.

When your taste changes frequently and you are attracted to new visual effects or trends then prints will be the option. If you are drawn into a new category of art and are unsure if it’s going to work for a long period of time then again art prints will be beneficial for you.

At the end of the day it is very risky to give an original painting as a present as you may spend a lot of money and not be appreciated at all. The risk is much smaller when you gift an art print as it is more like improved and enlarged, therefore much more impactful version of a greeting card. Choice is yours.

If you would like to get inspired by amazing art prints…

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